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Framed Garage Cabinets
Hardwood Framed Garage and Storage cabinets have been made by cabinetmakers for over a hundred years. They are the strongest type of cabinet and have a Traditional look.

Because garage cabinets are more likely to be exposed to moisture and heavier weights, we only use MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for our garage cabinets.

We construct these cabinets using Glued and Screwed Dado Joints (See Illustration to right).

All the shelves are Fully Adjustable on Steel Shelf Tracks and Steel Clips.

Shelves that are 36" and longer all have Stiffeners along the back edge for added strength.

All of our garage cabinets have full backs and doors the open a full 180 degrees so the door can get out of the way without binding.

If you are out of the Southern California area and are the "do it yourself" type of person, check out our how to build a storage cabinet section.

KNF uses MDF and Dado Joints.
Other companies use particle board and Butt joints.

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Our garage and storage cabinets come in standard sizes to help keep the cost down. Custom sizes are no problem. We offer our cabinets in a verity of colors using Thermal Fused Melamine.

Standard colors
are White, Gray, Black and Almond. Available in Paint ready. Custom order
colors are also available.

We mount the cabinets up off the floor and directly to the studs. This allows for the sloping garage floor and makes it easy to sweep and hose out the garage. Legs can be installed under the cabinet for even greater support if desired.
Workbenches can be as small or as large as you like, design yours the way you want it with Drawers, Tops and Pegboards.

Our storage cabinets are built to handle just about what ever you need to store, like file boxes, suitcases, camping gear, golf clubs, arts and crafts, gardening tools, books, brooms, mops, vacuum cleaner and any cabinet can be fitted with a closet pole for hanging extra clothing.


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