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How To Build Storage or Garage Cabinets

and most types of cabinet organization

If you are searching for information on how to build garage cabinets or storage cabinets, or any type of cabinet organization, you have come to the right place.

Since we launched our web site, we have been flooded with requests and questions from all over the United States, Canada and even countries overseas, people are asking "how to" build garage cabinets and storage cabinets. Since we are located in Southern California, we can only service the Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Diego and Riverside counties.

Due to so many requests and questions we receive regarding storage and garage cabinet organization and organizers, and due to the fact that we can only service Southern California, we have decided to publish a "do it yourself" manual. Some questions sent in have been very specific and some questions are quit general in nature. We have taken your questions and answered them all in a "step by step" do it your self manual.

In response to your requests for info on cabinets, KNF has published a "do-it-yourself" manual. We give you the answers in the form of "step by step" instructions for a basic framed storage cabinet. Learn the basics of cabinet building including layout design and dado joints.

When you purchase the "How To Build Storage or Garage Cabinets" manual you will receive;

  Instant access to the download page. Download now and start today.
  Step by step instructions to lead you through the building process.
  A list of tools needed or where to get the work done if you do not have the proper tools.
  Diagrams and measurements, no questions left unanswered.
  Illustrations, to help you visualize during the building process.


The special introductory price for the "How To Build Storage or Garage Cabinets" e-book manual is $9.95. This is an instant download; there are no shipping costs!

The download is in Adobe's Acrobat Reader ".pdf" format. If you do not have Acrobat Reader you can download a free copy from Adobe click here to download Acrobat Reader.

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See what some of our first customers have had to say about our "How To Build Storage or Garage Cabinets" manual;


"I started to built a cabinet system in my garage about two years ago. I got about half way through and got stuck on the "joining process", so the unfinished cabinets sat in my garage for TWO YEARS, until I found and downloaded your manual. Thanks for the easy to follow pictures and illustrations. I am happy to say I picked up right where I left off and I finished the project in just one weekend! My wife thanks you also."
- Scott
Bend, Oregon

".......we actually used the book we downloaded from you to build new cabinets in our kitchen. The two tone natural looks wonderful. Please see photos attached....are you hiring?"
- Jack & Linda
Satellite Beach, Florida

"......first I started with the garage, I built two medium sized "off the floor" cabinets. I was so impressed with my work, that I then started a bigger set of cabinets in my bonus room "
- Stacy
Tempe, Arizona




Please note, this material is intended for people with wood working knowledge and experience with wood working tools. Power tools and electric saws can be dangerous. Please use extreme caution when using them. KNF Wood Products does not guarantee this material, nor holds any liability with its use.

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